[Baypiggies] Twitter is looking for experienced tools and automation engineers to join our Data Center Tools Team

Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 01:36:52 CET 2014

Twitter is looking for experienced tools and automation engineers to join
our Data Center Tools Team.  You have experience designing and implementing
tools to visualize and automate processes.  You enjoy complex automation
challenges and building tools from start to finish.

  *Responsibilities: *
  Design and develop tools to automate workflows as well as access,
process, and visualize data.
  Create and manage automation project schedules with the team.
  Build Design and Training Documentation required for each automation
  Identify potential issues, and work with engineering, and operations to
design elegant, and efficient solutions.
  Perform code reviews, evaluate implementations, and provide feedback
about potential tool improvements.

*Requirements: *
  Expert experience in one or more programming languages:
*Python*(preferred), Javascript, Bash
  Comfortable with various web client technologies: AJAX, CORS, CSS, D3,
Flask, Django, Angular, jQuery
  Experience writing Restful Web Services and client APIs
  Comfortable with Revision Control Systems: Git, Subversion
  Familiar with one or more Database and SQL dialects: MySQL, Oracle,
Postgres, SQLite, Redis, HBase
   3+ years experience in software engineering
  BS/MS in CompScience and/or equivalent related experience

*Soft Skills *
  Excellent written/communication skills, and the ability to work
effectively across multiple teams.
  A strong work ethic, the ability to keep complex tasks organized, and an
amazing attention to detail.
  Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently.

  Use of or commits to open source projects.
  Active user of Twitter.

If you're interested, send me your resume.

To see other jobs at Twitter, see https://twitter.com/jobs.
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