[Baypiggies] OT: supporting Python & the PSF with a half/quarter-page ad?

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 01:30:07 CET 2014

Hey everyone,

This is somewhat off-topic for this list, but if you've gotten a lot out of
Python and want to contribute, the Python Software Foundation is advocating
for the language by creating and distributing a
brochure<http://brochure.getpython.info/>that talks all about the
goodness of Python. For the first run, they're
making "10,000 copies which the PSF will then distribute to user groups,
Python conferences and educational institutions on request and free of

If your company is interested in supporting the project and want to
advertise in it but find the half-page ad cost prohibitive at EURO 2650
(~$3636) or the 3-line reference ad listing at EURO 500 (~$686) too small, let
me know. I'm willing to split the cost of the ad (creating 2 quarter-page
ads).. the PSF organizer of the brochure suggested this as an alternative,
so now I want to see if any of you or your companies want to participate.
The full details can be found here<http://brochure.getpython.info/sponsorship>

The deadline is this Fri, Feb 28, so please get back to me by tomorrow
privately... thanks!
-- Wesley
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