[Baypiggies] Are you going Thursday? Help me keep a count for chairs

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sun Jan 19 04:54:22 CET 2014

We have over 300 people signed up to go to Guido's talk on "Tulip and
Asynchronous I/O for Python 3". Linked in has gotten us a huge room. And, a
lot of Linked In People are also super interested. It's getting crowded :)

LinkedIn will have a badge table and I want all of you to be able to get in
since it is your group and your talk :)

So, I have a favor. To make certain there's no hiccup getting into the
space, can you do me a favor, please? Would you choose one of these two
actions, please:


1) (Easiest for me): Sign up at Silicon Valley Python MeetUp for this event
so we have a list of names of who will be attending. If you are already
RSVPd YES to this event, do nothing :)


2) Send an email to glen at glenjarvis.com with this subject "GUIDO'S TALK".
I'll be sure to compile a list and keep a headcount so that you can get
entrance. You don't need to do this option if you already successfully did
1 above.

This option is for those who don't have a MeetUp account and who don't want
to create an account at MeetUp (BayPIGgies was around years before MeetUp,
so why change this now).

Also, if the name on your email address isn't something you want on your
name tag, please include the name to put on the name tag. (example:
bad_ass_programmer at gmail.com could be "Joe Smith" but I wouldn't know if
you didn't say in your email).

I look forward to seeing everyone there. Please remember that we're in
another building for this talk (since we need more space):

Building 2025/Room Unite



We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action
always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

-- Frank Tibolt
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