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It's tomorrow :)

Welcome To BayPIGgies
We are the Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group. No
membership is required, and beginners are welcome!

Next Meeting:  July 24, 2014 @ LinkedIn, Mtn. View

Main Presentation

*Speaker: Eli Bressert*

Topic: Python For Science

Python plays a pivotal role in the data science and academic communities.
This is largely due to Python’s capabilities in terms of flexibility,
simplicity, readability, and most importantly a strong basis of numerical
libraries. The powerhouse libraries for numerical analysis are NumPy,
SciPy, and Pandas and almost all higher level libraries, such Scikit-Learn,
are built on top of them.

In this presentation, I’ll cover the strengths of Python’s numerical tools
and how to best use them. We will cover basic statistics, optimization,
data modeling, and basic machine learning practices. Industry and academic
examples will be covered via IPython Notebook to demonstrate where the
tools shine

*Speaker: *

Eli is a data scientist at Stitch Fix, a board member and consultant for
Authorea, and author of the O’Reilly book, “SciPy and NumPy”. He was a data
scientist at Jawbone and a fellow at the Insight Data Science program in
Silicon Valley. Previously, he received a post-doc fellowship in Australia
investigating star-formation and young stellar clusters. Eli is one of the
founding developers for two well-known astrophysics Python packages ATpy
and APLpy.


"You grab mindshare by being there."

-- Alex Martelli

   Bay Area Python Interest Group Talk

   24-Oct, 2013
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