[Baypiggies] Class for Well-Seasoned Programmers June 1-4

Marilyn Davis mdavis2 at ucsc.edu
Mon May 25 18:18:44 CEST 2015

Hi Python People,

June 1 - 4, there will be a "Python For Programmers" daytime retreat-style
class for well-seasoned programmers, at our lab at UCSC-Extension in Santa
Clara, right across 101 from the Great America sign:


The course is low-pressure, but fast-paced, where students learn and
practice core concepts and Pythonic thinking.  To join this class, you
should be well-practiced at programming in some other language.

No beginning programmers please, but you can certainly be new to Python.

If you are a beginner, or would prefer a weekly class, please consult our



If you would prefer an online class, you will enjoy:


which runs from June 17 - Sept 15.

All our Python courses are hands-on with short lectures, and lots of
exercises where we study the solutions after some lab time.

Questions are always welcome; discussion and pair-programming are

Please come, and send students!


And, the first quarter of the professional course is available for $20 at
Udemy.Com!  I'm so busy that I can't say when the rest of the course will
be there, but I'm working on it.


I hope you find one of these classes useful to your schedule and your taste.

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D.
Python Instructor
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