[Baypiggies] writing simple CRUD web app, suggestions needed

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Mon Apr 4 18:41:02 EDT 2016

Go with a framework, and don't reinvent the wheel.

Since you state you have not done much web stuff and you need 
something quickly, I would point you toward Django and its 
ecosystem at first.  If you had more time and familiarity with 
web application development, or if you demand fine tuning and 
control of your web app in edge cases where it's really hard to 
do so with Django, then I'd steer you toward Pyramid.

Pyramid plus any of its Django admin-like development 
environments, like Kotti and Substance-D, might satisfy your needs.

Both Django and Pyramid have strong communities and 
documentation to support developers.

Django is "batteries included".  It has its own admin interface, 
templating language, and ORM.  This is a huge advantage for 
saving time and effort.

Pyramid is "pay for only what you eat".  It does not include an 
admin interface, templating language, persistent storage, or 
ORM, but you can choose whatever you want via its add-ons or 
development environments, or write your own in Python.

IMO the biggest advantage in Pyramid is that it can use either 
URL dispatch or traversal, or both, for handling requests.  
Traversal is ideal for tree-like data structures, whereas URL 
dispatch is good for rectangular/spreadsheet/tabular data structures.

Another big advantage with Pyramid is that it is extendable with 
pure Python, whereas other frameworks may require the use of a 
domain-specific language to do things within its ecosystem.


On 4/4/16 at 2:08 PM, rodrigc at FreeBSD.org (Craig Rodrigues) pronounced:

>The application you are describing seems to be a fairly straightforward web
>front-end on top
>of a database, with authentication.
>For newcomers, it can be quite overwhelming that there are multiple Python
>frameworks for doing web programming.  They are all quite good, and do
>similar things, so deciding which one to use can be confusing.
>My advice is to use a framework.  Pick one framework, and invest the time
>in learning it, and go with that.
>I don't advise doing something from scratch with FastCGI.
>For example, if you go with Django + Postgres database, and invest the time
>in learning that, I think you will be pleased with what you can build.
>On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 1:42 PM, Aleksandr Miroslav <alexmiroslav at gmail.com>
>>I need to whip up a quick registration system for a small summer school
>>program my wife is part of.
>>The requirements are very simple:
>>- parent goes to site and registers their child's info (name, DOB,
>>allergies, emergency contact, etc.)
>>- admins (teachers) can see registrations, search, filter, etc.
>>- admins can export and print registration list
>>I know Python pretty well, so that's not a problem, but I've always used
>>it in a systems programming context for work, I've not done much web stuff.
>>I'm pretty sure I should choose a Python web framework to do this. I've
>>taken some quick looks, and I think maybe Django is the tool. But I see
>>Pyramid, flask, and others being mentioned, and I'm having a hard time
>>deciding on something.
>>For the task I describe above should I:
>>- write it in a framework? (and which one should I use?)
>>- write it in pure python? (e.g. FastCGI or something similar)
>>- go with some other option?
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