[Baypiggies] But, wait, there's more... [PyCon]

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Apr 30 22:50:50 EDT 2016

Everyone seemed to have a really good time on Thursday. We had talks, an
auction (sort-of with Alex's tee shirt), and good socializing.

But, if that's not enough, and you want even more (Please direct questions
to michelleglauser at gmail.com):

PyLadiesSF is also doing a PyCon talks event—our 4th annual Mini PyCon!
This year it will be at Lyft. Please sign up here:

Here are the talks:

Tracy Osborn, "Web Design for Non-Designers"
Irene Chen, "A Beginner's Guide to Deep Learning"
Renee Chu, "Unit Tests, Cluster Tests: A Comparative Introduction"
Jane Davis, "User Research for Non-Researchers"
Kate Heddleston and Joyce Jang, "Usable Ops: How to Make Web Infrastructure
Management Easier"
Chloe Mawer, "Trainspotting: Real-time Detection of a Train’s Passing From
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