[Baypiggies] Call for lightning talks at PyBay and special 1-day tickets

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 01:14:29 EDT 2016

Hey Baypiggies -

I'm writing one more time about PyBay2016 - I hope you're not tuning these
messages out!

I’m writing to pass on two pieces of news. First we are soliciting
lightning talks for Friday Night - if interested please fill out the form
at https://goo.gl/forms/dR6H3Ku1h2wTve3x1

That’s right - it’s not too late to talk at PyBay!

Give us your talk description via the form and I’ll run a poll to let the
community vote for the talks.

Additionally we’ve heard from some of you that it is hard to fit an entire
weekend of conference-going into your busy lives. We hear you and want
everybody in our community to be able to participate in PyBay.

We made special 1-day tickets now for sale - please visit
http://www.pybay.com/#!registration/yh9or and scroll down in the EventBrite
widget. You should now see a Saturday-only ticket for $200 and a Sunday-only
ticket for $175.

Note that while these tickets are good only for 1 day of the conference you
will still be provided continental breakfast and buffet lunch and of course
lots of Peet’s Coffee throughout.

Attendees on Saturday can also stick around and enjoy great food and drinks
at the Job Fair and reception afterwards - I’ve heard rumors of Churasco
style Brazilian Pork Loin & Filet Mignon Skewers, grilled pineapple, and
other delights! And where else can you hang out with great Python people
and chat with prospective employers?

PyBay is only a week away! I hope to see you all there.
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