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Would anyone be up for an IRC chat or Google Hangout to discuss? 

I know Bernd has created a searchable index of youtube videos. I don’t know whether it’s intended as a static archive or whether he’ll be adding the features the old site had.

If Bernd’s site represents a complete collection of youtube-hosted recordings, then 40% of videos on pyvideo.org must have non-youtube hosting. I hope that whatever we do, we still include those videos in our new site. 

Perhaps we could all discuss what we would want in a site, what path will be most sensible, etc?


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> Sounds like a plan! I can come up with the videos for a search query and
> put them in a basic webpage pretty quickly:
> Youtube supports the OpenSearch specification, which is accessible through
> python using https://github.com/edsu/opensearch.
> print '<iframe width="420" height="315" src="{0}" frameborder="0"
> allowfullscreen></iframe>'.format(youtube_url)
> That should be enough to get a basic site going. It won't be pretty, but
> someone else can handle the design. I'll have this more formally written up
> shortly on http://prolificprogrammer.com -- H

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