[Baypiggies] pythondev.slack.com for chatting

Karen Dalton kd at karend.net
Wed Feb 3 17:11:04 EST 2016

-1 on IRC primarily because when you re-connect you may not be able to 
see or search channel history in some clients, or see all the people who 
are members of the channel but are currently offline, or include 
markdown for code snippets (if I am off-base on that last one let me 
know), or get notified if someone mentions something you are interested 
in while you are offline.

+1 on a hybrid approach, the #baypiggies IRC channel (which currently 
exists on freenode) stays. Many people will go there first. But the 
connect/channel message would have an addition which has info how to 
connect to a concurrent as open-as-possible Slack (or Gitter or 
whatever) channel. And maybe some info gets added to the website about 
the best place (or places) to connect with with baypiggies folks . 
Probably the website should include that info no matter which direction 
it goes. And maybe a line at the bottom of the list emails.

The advantage of having even a minimal IRC presence is that it is less 
subject to the recent Meetup ownership kerfuffle. An IRC channel can be 
the resilient signpost to somewhere else (a destination that may change 
over time). The advantage of other avenues as the primary channel is 
that they are nicer and richer communication experiences for developers. 
The group could even have it's own Slack channel that is not connected 
to the existing pythondev one to maintain some control over the 
experience (and again prevent the Meetup situation). (fwiw, the 
baypiggies channel name is available as a Slack channel [i.e. 
baypiggies.slack.com], and probably should be grabbed anyway by a 
"person in charge" in light of the Meetup situation even if it is not 
used ultimately to prevent...well...the recent Meetup situation). Also 
emails from the list could be configured to post to a sub-channel on the 
separate baypiggies Slack channel (again not part of pythondev Slack), 
aggregating that also into the experience.

I do understand the concerns about transparency and openness especially 
in regards to an open source community.
But with the IRC messaging and some "virtual README" info on how to 
reach folks added to the main website and/or the list emails perhaps the 
group's communication outposts will be less hard to find, and 
potentially be aggregated/searchable! This group, as far as I know, is 
not making the kinds of big decisions that might steer the rudder of 
core Python development and so might have decreased obligations to have 
all communication exposed without asking folks to sign in. Not blocking 
anyone by any means. But asking them to just click for an invitation. :-)


p.s. Whatever folks ultimately decide will be Ok with me. And I do 
realize that Slack is not perfect for all scenarios...like super-big 
open source projects (you can google the articles). But it seems like 
this community might be (?) small enough that the Slack free plan would 
Ok. (not sure how many folks on the mailing list would use whatever 
client is decided on)

On 2/3/16 9:02 AM, Saket Bhushan wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 9:04 PM, Cal Leeming <cal at plastc.com 
> <mailto:cal at plastc.com>> wrote:
>     Slack is great for internal usage, but it’s not really geared for
>     public channels. IRC would be a much better fit here imho.
> +1
>     Cal
>     > On 3 Feb 2016, at 01:21, Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com
>     <mailto:aahz at pythoncraft.com>> wrote:
>     >
>     > On Tue, Feb 02, 2016, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
>     >>
>     >> Sorry for the confusion from my earlier e-mail.  As has been
>     correctly
>     >> deduced by Thomas Nelson and others on this list, signing up for
>     >> the Slack group involves two steps.
>     >>
>     >> (1)  Access *https://pythondevelopers.herokuapp.com/
>     >> <https://pythondevelopers.herokuapp.com/> *to provide an
>     >>       e-mail address in order to obtain a registration token.
>     >>
>     >> (2)  After registering, access *https://pythondev.slack.com
>     >> <https://pythondev.slack.com>* to log into Slack.
>     >
>     > What are the requirements for using this system? IRC has minimal
>     > requirements, there are tons of command-line mechanisms for
>     accessing
>     > IRC.
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>     > about it is at best rationalization of gut feelings, and at
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