[Baypiggies] Come help us build the next generation of DNA sequencers

Allison, Karmel karmel.allison at roche.com
Sat Feb 6 19:00:36 EST 2016

Genia Technologies is a fast-moving, highly technical team of people with
the ambitious goal of disrupting next generation DNA Sequencing. Developing
our unique platform requires expertise across a range of fields: software
engineering, data science, biology, chemistry, protein engineering, circuit
design, and electrochemistry, just to name a few.

And while our chip is nano-scale, our data is big. Each sequencer generates
gigabytes of raw data per second, resulting in hundreds of terabytes per
week, all of which need to be moved, analyzed, and presented to users. As a
Software Engineer at Genia, you will be working with an interdisciplinary
team to build the pipeline that processes data from the sequencer using
multiple analysis algorithms.

We're in Santa Clara, and we're a Python shop. If you are a Python engineer
and you understand the value of good, clean code that scales well and
solves real problems in the world, then I want to hear from you:
karmel.allison at roche.com

More details here:

Karmel Allison, Ph.D
Genia Technologies
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