[Baypiggies] Represent the Bay Area on Startup Row at PyCon Portland 2016

Don Sheu dinaldo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 18:36:55 EST 2016

PyCon’s Startup Row kicks-off our 2016 season with a pitch event hosted by
SF Python at Yelp! HQ. This continues a tradition started for PyCon
Montreal 2014, where Startup Row produced pitch events around North America
to select participants. A benefit of this approach is to guarantee
geographic diversity in our featured startups.

Joining on the judging panel to select our Bay Area startup are Bebe Chueh
Chief Marketing Officer of Legalzoom Local, bethanye McKinney Blount
founder of Cathy Labs, Christine Spang founder of Startup Row alumnus
Nylas, Jessica Scorpio founder of Getaround, and Kat Manalac partner at Y

The winner selected by our judge panel will join 11 other early-stage
startups on Startup Row in the Expo Hall at the Oregon Convention Center.

If you founded or work at a startup founded in the last two years and
currently has less than 15 employees, the organizers of Startup Row
want to speak
with you <don at sheu.com>.

Apply now
to pitch on March 9th for a spot on Startup Row.
If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out in
Google Forms

Application for PyCon Startup Row
SF Python has teamed up with organizers of PyCon Startup Row to give away a
FREE EXPO BOOTH at PyCon Portland, OR 2016.

Please apply for an opportunity to pitch to the Startup Row judges at SF
Python's meetup on 3/9.

Startup eligibility:
* Fewer than 15 employees, including founders
* Founded or launched less than two and a half years prior to March 21, 2016
* Use Python somewhere in your startup: backend, frontend, testing, wherever
* Ability to make your own travel arrangement to staff your booth in the
Expo Hall at PyCon on your appointed day
* Have not exhibited at PyCon Startup Row in previous years
* Apply by 2/24

Have questions about PyCon's Startup Row?
Have questions about SF Python? http://sfpython.org

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   Company URL
   Product demo/video URL
   What does your company do? *
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   How is Python used at your company? *
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   How many full-time employees, including founders, work your company? *
   What is your competitive advantage? *
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   What is your monetization plan? *
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   Anything else you'd like to tell us?
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