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Thu Jan 7 04:40:40 EST 2016

We are pleased to announce the program for the next Santa Cruz 
Python meetup on Tuesday, January 12, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, in the 
Atrium Classroom at Cruzio, 877 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA.

View details and RSVP for the meetup.

Make your own blog with Pyramid Blogr

Tuesday, January 12, 2015
7:30 PM
NOTE: Time has shifted 30 minutes later for this month only.

Cruzio, Atrium Classroom
877 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, CA

Event details:
The next meetup of Santa Cruz Python will be held in the Atrium 
Classroom of Cruzio, located at 877 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA.

Regular monthly Santa Cruz Python meetups are held on the second 
Tuesday of the month at Cruzio.

We are looking for additional presenters of Python topics. A 
presentation can consist of slides, a code walk through, demo, 
tutorial, or even interpretive dance.  Please email Steve 
(web at stevepiercy.com) or Chris (cklippi at gmail.com).

We are seeking potential sponsors for food, tasty beverages, or 
room rental fees. Please refer sponsors to Chris or Steve.


Through a generous grant from the Python Software Foundation, 
our first six months of room rental fees are paid, so that we 
can deliver our program to Santa Cruz County. The PSF is a 
501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes, protects, and 
advances the Python programming language and community. The PSF 
is supported by its members, donors, volunteers, and sponsors. 
Please contribute to support the PSF and its mission.


JetBrains is a technology-leading software development firm 
specializing in the creation of intelligent, 
productivity-enhancing software. JetBrains offers Santa Cruz 
Python Meetup attendees free PyCharm licenses as prizes.


Subject to change, particularly for more volunteer presenters.

Announcements: 7:30 - 7:40 PM


Tutorial: 7:40 - 9:00 PM
Make your own blog with Pyramid Blogr.

** Bring your laptop. **
We will hack together in pairs, and help one another to create a 
working blog web application.


Pyramid Blogr is an introduction to basic concepts of the 
Pyramid web framework and web application development.

Participants who successfully complete the steps presented 
during the tutorial will be entered for a drawing for a license 
of any JetBrains product.

If you submit a pull request that is accepted by the Pyramid 
Blogr project maintainers, then you will receive another entry 
for the drawing. There is no limit to the number of pull 
requests and entries, except that they must be submitted only 
during the tutorial.


Steve Piercy is a core contributor to the Pylons Project 
projects, including the Pyramid web framework.  He recently 
overhauled the original pyramid_blogr tutorial by Marcin Lulek. 
Steve has been a web application developer since 1997, and 
embraced Python and Pyramid in 2011 for the T-shirts after 
attending his first PyCon. Steve is a self-employed independent 
contractor in Soquel.


Open Forum: 9:00 PM - 9:25 PM

Discussion of projects you are working on, software releases, 
upcoming events, job opportunities, and more.


JetBrains/PyCharm license drawing: 9:25 PM


Doors close: 9:30 PM.  Walk to Lúpulo Craft Beer House, 233 
Cathcart Street, Santa Cruz for tasty food and adult beverages.

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