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Marilyn Davis mdavis2 at ucsc.edu
Tue Jan 12 19:24:43 EST 2016

Hi Python Enthusiasts,

Our next daytime retreat-style "Python for Programmers" class isn't until
March 14 - 17.  That's a long time to wait:


But an online class opens today for early-starters:


The class doesn't officially begin until Feb 16 but you can access all the
resources, and have my enthusiastic help, starting today.

These classes are for programmers who are already well-experienced in some
other language.  No beginning programmers please, but you can certainly be
new to Python.

The retreat-style class will be at our lab at UCSC-Extension in Santa
Clara, right across the 101 from the Great America sign:

If you are a bit rusty at programming, you might be more comfortable in an
evening course that meets once a week so you have some time to absorb the
concepts.  You'll find those:


If you are a beginning programmer, please take one of our classes that are
designed just for you, and you can take a programmer's class later:


All our Python courses are hands-on with short lectures, and lots of
relevent exercises, and, we study the solutions after some lab time.

Questions are always welcome; discussion and pair-programming are

Please come, and send students!


And, the first quarter of the professional course is available for $20 at
Udemy.Com!  I'm so busy that I can't say when the rest of the course will
be there, but I'm working on it, and part ii is close to ready:


I hope you find one of these classes useful to your schedule and your taste.

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D.
Python Instructor
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