[Baypiggies] Big changes to the BayPIGgies Meetups

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Wed Jan 13 12:37:01 EST 2016

Contrary to these comments, the BayPIGgies Meetup *is* very much associatedwith  BayPIGgies. 300 of us had been happily using it for event notification, calendaring,RSVP and ridesharing, since ~2010.When Suresh took over that Meetup, he took over the Meetup URL http://www.meetup.com/BayPIGgies/ (which will generate lots of confusion),and also took over the member-list, 90% of whom have dropped off since.
I believe we totally have the right to take back the BayPIGgies Meetup.As I suggested, we simply need the previous owner to identify themselves, showMeetup the receipts, and state that it's our Meetup, and have an orderly discussionabout venue and dues.I believe that person was David A, I don't have his contact and I don't have the receipts. I privately tried to contact David A, Grace Law and Tony in the last 5 days about this.I also spoke to David A about it on several occasions in 2015, as far back as 3/2015.I don't have his phone, email or last name - who does?
I suggest we ask Meetup to request Suresh to return the $600 member dues hesolicited by advertising it as "BayPIGgies Meetup", minus anything he spenton Meetup registration and HackerDojo room fees, although we had a free locationat LinkedIn anyway.Suresh is totally free to establish a new for-profit Meetup which does not havethe URL http://www.meetup.com/BayPIGgies/.If there is actually a real problem with BayPIGgies losing LinkedIn as a venue,and needing a new venue, this is the first most of us have heard of it, andI'm happy to help find one (I previously spoke in 2015 with both LinkedIn Data Science,and H2O, about venues). In any case, HackerDojo will most likely cease to exist at Ellis St in 5/2015.
Tony's email was totally incorrect and offensive, I had multiple private conversationswith David A throughout 2015 about whether he wanted a new organizer, and I neverheard from him. I had a 4-hour conversation with David back around March 2015.
As to contacting Meetup if this is an unapproved organizer change, it's quite standard:http://www.discussmeetup.com/forum/general-questions-how-tos-tips-tricks/lost-my-meetup-group-due-to-an-expired-credit-card/
Tony: as to what I've done for BayPIGgies:- I helped source corporate sponsorship for the 12/2015 SFPython Holiday Party, which  Grace Law can confirm. I spent quite some time on that. - I did both previously speak at BayPIGgies and organize other past speakers [1].- In 4/2013 I sourced a large corporate venue (CloudCamp's premises) for post-PyContalk watching [2], totally free for 6+ hours, which was a BayPIGgies event Glen and Iplanned, but fell through. I tried to redo that for BayPIGgies in 2014, but CloudCamp had moved premises.- Since 2014, I have been volunteering with the committee of SF Bay ACM,for their Data Science Camp unconference, and helped run and source speakers forData Science Camp 2014 and 2015 [3] and am again helping organize Data Science Camp 2016.I am also organizing a seminar on Spark with Scala through ACM, probably March-April [4].- Also John Park and I led a couple of Kaggle Together data science classes at HackerDojo in 2014 [5]- Glen, Grace and the other organizations mentioned above can confirm that I did these things.Noone's thanked me for it.
Tony, you owe me a major apology for that email you sent. I even phoned both you andGrace Law in the last couple days to try to figure out what was going on withBayPIGgies; I didn't even get a response from you to my voicemail. 
[1] https://mail.python.org/pipermail/baypiggies/2009-January/004253.html[2] http://www.meetup.com/silicon-valley-python/messages/51831412/[3] http://www.sfbayacm.org/event/silicon-valley-data-science-camp-2015[4] http://www.sfbayacm.org/calendar[5] http://events.hackerdojo.com/event/6716996662067200-kaggle-together

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Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] Big changes to the BayPIGgies Meetups
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I'm the baypiggies.net site admin.
Did you want to put up a statement about the meetup not being associated?Perhaps we should reach out to meetup.com?
On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 5:04 AM, Stephen <spmcinerney at hotmail.com> wrote:

I was about to post about this mystery too:- I guess all the Meetup organizers became inactive sometime December,  and David A quietly stepped down without publicizing it, then the Meetup had no owner,and could be taken over by anyone.- Suresh V took over the Meetup group, charged a $20 fee per person per year, (which means he just made $600 off other people's community work, without permission), changed the Meetup name to "Bay Area Python 3.x Indulgence Group" (http://www.meetup.com/BayPIGgies/), unilaterally changed the venue, dates etc. (Actually he initially tried to charge $5/person/month dues, which would have been $60/person/year, to all 300 members.)- I'm not sure he's even allowed to do that and probably he should give the BayPIGgies Meetup organizer position back (he's welcome to start his own totally separate for-profit Python Meetup, but not use the BayPIGgies name, and he should probably also refund all the $600 he obtained by using the BayPIGgies name without any permission)- does anyone have a contact for David A, the old organizer? I checked and I don't.  I don't even know the spelling of his last name otherwise I'd have reached him in December.  We need to redistribute his organizer duties in a coordinated way. (Thanks David for the hard work.)- meanwhile who are the owners of this BayPIGgies mailing-list and www.baypiggies.net site admin  and domain name owner?
> Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 18:10:43 -0800
> From: martin at falatic.com
> To: baypiggies at python.org
> Subject: [Baypiggies] Big changes to the BayPIGgies Meetups
> So I recently got an email saying I needed to pay $20 to stay in the
> BayPIGgies Meetup group. Figuring it's been good so far and not knowing
> things had significantly changed I paid it. Now I see that every upcoming
> Meetup has a fee attached to it as well (and they're no longer at LinkedIn
> and they're on odd days of the week - e.g., Saturday).
> And since when did the acronym change? Is the Meetup group not related to
> http://www.baypiggies.net/ and this mailing list now?
> What's going on?
>   - Marty
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