[Baypiggies] Proposal: 2016 BayPIGgies Reboot: 28-Jan

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Wed Jan 13 23:47:41 EST 2016


* Please +/- 1 if I can take initiative to make 28-Jan happen.
* We need space -- I can wing everything else but not space


There has been a recent conversation with subject "[Baypiggies] Big changes
to the BayPIGgies Meetups." This new conversation continues from that

We have traditionally met on the fourth Thursday of every month except for
November and December because of the holidays. We did not meet on the
holidays for November and December this year.

So, we really haven't missed anything. As long as we meet on 28-Jan, we're
the same group that we've always been. We only have one hurdle to get past
-- the place to meet.

If we can get someone to speak, that would also be good. If we can't, well
I have a few talks that I could give. All of my talks lately that involve
Python have been about Ansible. I'm supposed to be organizing a talk about
Ansible for non-programmers. But, I do have pretty standard Python material
on Ansible that I could give if it helps. It's been a while since anyone
has seen it.

Also, I could cross post this talk on my Silicon Valley Python MeetUp
group. It's most of the same cross section that we had before. The MeetUp
is a bit dusty and could use an actual recent MeetUp anyhow. To be clear,
however, after we clear up the confusion BayPIGgies MeetUp account, I'd
like to keep my own MeetUp separate from BayPIGgies so there is no
confusion between the groups.

Most importantly, I do *NOT* want to step on anyone's toes. If you want to
organize the January MeetUp, please *PLEASE* let me know. I can either help
you or do nothing if it isn't needed. Also, I don't intend to do this
permanently -- I am only helping us get moving for 2016. I will not be
organizing Feb or others. I'm just too damn busy these days.

Please +/- 1 if I can proceed. I will hold off cross posting this event on
MeetUp until Thursday at 7:30 pm -- That would give us exactly two weeks to
advertise the meeting.

Also, *please* help us find a space -- even if it's for only this one time.

Kindest Regards,

Glen Jarvis
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