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Conversation copied/pasted from meetup.

- Suresh B Velagapudi 12:02 PM
- I did not take over Baypiggies users group. It is the meetup group I took
over when it was orphaned in Dec 2015. I was a co-organizer of the meetup
group before I stepped in as organizer
- bdbaddog 1:37 PM
- Suresh I see your intentions weren't bad. However I believe you now know
there is a python users group in the bay area since 2002. The meetup
baypiggies was originally created by Glen Jarvis for the baypiggies users
group (http://baypiggies.net/ ) and then handed over to the baypiggies
group and thereafter you became involved. There was no notice to the
baypiggies group that the previous baypiggies member wasn't going to renew
it, and then it showed up being managed by you with a fee for membership.
While no one will argue that you can create a python meetup in the bay area
as you please, we would request that you return http://meetup.com/baypiggies
to the group and we'll take over payment for the meetup. Please let us know
if you agree. Thanks, Bill Deegan BayPiggies member

I'll keep everyone up to date as the conversation continues.

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