[Baypiggies] NOTICE: http://meetup.com/baypiggies is no longer associated with baypiggies users group

William Deegan bdbaddog at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 12:21:18 EST 2016


You may have received a notice in December that there was going to be a $20
membership fee for the meetup.

Apparently the baypiggies meetup sponsorship got dropped and Suresh B
 took over the group and started charging a membership fee.

*If you thought this meant that baypiggies was going to charge a membership
fee and you paid the fee, I URGE you contact meetup.com <http://meetup.com>
and ask for a refund.*

Baypiggies is attempting to retrieve the meetup group, but until we do (if
we can), please look to the mailing list and baypiggies.net website for
updates on the group.

If not we may be forced to create a meetup with a new name.

Glen Jarvis has volunteered to publish baypiggies meetups on his meetup
(http://www.meetup.com/silicon-valley-python)  (at least in the near term).
Please keep in mind that that meetup is for his business and will continue
to be going forward.  A special thanks go Glen for allowing baypiggies to
use it in the interim.

-Bill Deegan
BayPiggies website admin and long time member.
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