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Dan Bikle bikle101 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 16:08:41 EST 2016

Glen Thank You for stepping up.

I see some gaps in the upcoming schedule.

I'd be happy to fill any gap of your choosing.

I have a presentation focused at people who are new to Python.

It addresses the interesting use-case of predicting the stock market.

It brings in syntax examples from these APIs:

- Plain Python
- NumPy
- Pandas
- scikit-learn
- matplotlib
- Heroku

Originally I scheduled to present on Jan 18 but changed my mind and
cancelled it.

The content is here:


I post this note publicly to attract readers to the content.

I want to see suggestions on how to enhance both the presentation and the
syntax in the examples.

Dan Bikle
bikle101 at gmail

On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com> wrote:

> The Bay Area Python Interest Group (BayPIGgies - http://baypiggies.net/)
> is one of the oldest Python groups and is an institution. It was the first
> Python Group that I ever went to -- the community made me a much better
> programmer.
> I am sending this on their behalf:
> Despite Popular rumor, BayPIGgies is very much alive.
> *Organizers*
> Glen Jarvis has agreed to be temporary organizer and will continue to do
> so until things have stabilized. Jeff Fischer has volunteered to
> co-organize and will be co-organizing the February MeetUp. Seven additional
> volunteers have stepped up to the plate to help keep BayPIGgies running.
> *Location*
> We are in communication with LinkedIn for continuing our meetings there.
> We have two other companies volunteer to give us space if they can and if
> the LinkedIn arrangement can't be met: SAP and Intel.
> *Calendar*
> We have the following dates scheduled. We still have five slots to fill.
> What talk would you like to see? What talk would you like to give?
> 28-Jan  Glen Jarvis - Explore Git internals using Python
> 25-Feb <waiting for confirmation>
> 24-Mar  Matt Savage () / Python<->VR (If agreed to do it for BayPIGgies
> instead of Silicon Valley Python and if confirm date)
> 28-Apr
> 26-May PyCon Practice Talks
> 23-June
> 28-July Glen Jarvis - Join Forces: Python meet Ruby; Ruby meet Python
> 25-Aug
> 22-Sep
> 27-Oct
> *MeetUp*
> Although there has been drama around the recently used MeetUp site, we
> still have access to and are being hosted by the Silicon Valley Python
> MeetUp (http://www.meetup.com/silicon-valley-python/). There is access to
> 3,773 Pythonistas -- Over three times the size of the site that is in
> contention. The Silicon Valley Python MeetUp has agreed to cross-post for
> us until the MeetUp problems that we have encountered have been fixed.
> *Fee Refunds*
> The Bay Area Python Group (BayPIGgies) *never* charged membership dues
> and do not intend to do so.
> We have corporate sponsorship of refunds for those who have mistakenly
> paid membership dues to the now sequestered MeetUp site. The refund
> donation was given by the RockIt Recruiting firm (
> http://www.rockitrecruiting.com/) -- the firm that I always use because
> they completely understand the Open Source community and because they are
> the most ethical recruiting firm that I have ever encountered. Please send
> an email to glen at glenjarvis.com to start the claim.
> RockIT gave this statement:
> As a proponent of networking, technology, transparency, and the Silicon
> Valley startup community, RockIT Recruiting
> <http://www.rockitrecruiting.com/> would like to do our part to support
> the Bay PIGgies community.
> We heard that some members mistakenly joined the now-named Bay PRIGgies
> meetup group and were charged a membership fee.  RockIT is offering $500*
> to reimburse those who mistakenly joined the group but were trying to join
> the original BayPIGgies community.
> *If the full amount isn't claimed for reimbursement, we will donate the
> remainder for beer/food at the next Bay PIGgies Meetup event.
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