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Sun Jan 17 04:28:32 EST 2016

From: dan at bot4.us

>I like Bill's idea of getting the old userlist but I wonder about the details associated with getting them joined to SVP-Meetup.

>I can see some reasons why meetup.com might be reluctant to give that list to Bill.
It was actually my idea, Dan, I posted early Wed morning. I read around a bit on unregistered trademark, Meetup hostile takeovers, Meetup TOS and whether we have grounds to send a legal letter to Meetup.
Forget about Suresh, let's assume he ignores us.We may well be able to compel Meetup to give us our Meetup back. It's certainly worth trying.
We may also be able to compel Suresh to refund every penny of the dues he gathered by using the name BayPIGgies. That's also certainly worth trying. IMO.
And even if both of those failed, we'd still want to compel Suresh to change his group's name to not be confusable with BayPIGgies.
>I'd prefer members to focus on making SVP-Meetup better.

We don't need to involve everyone in every communication and every decision. We only needed to form a consensus on how to react. Glen & Bill: please let us know what happens next, if you know?
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