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I agree very much with your sentiment. If I were bitten by a snake, I may
be tempted to panic -- to run to get help. It's a natural instinct. But,
the wiser thing to do is to stop and think, slow circulation to the wound,
and remove as much poison from the wound as possible so that it doesn't
spread. It is natural for us to focus on what we lost. But, it's wiser for
us to focus on all that we still have and rebuilding our community.

For what it is worth, I now have access to the MeetUp login account that
created this MeetUp. We no longer are organizer of the
http://www.meetup.com/BayPIGgies/ because we did not pay our membership
fees on 15-December. Suresh automatically became organizer as he has been a
co-organizer since 22-July. Since we want to move forward with a MeetUp for
the group, I have paid the dues out of my own pocket and will work at
getting this reimbursed from the Python Software Foundation.

As I am the person who donated the MeetUp originally, the person who is now
in control of that MeetUp account (but not the MeetUp we created), and the
person who has access to the email account used to create the MeetUp
account, I am the best person to work with the MeetUp teams to see what
should be done. I am doing the best that I can to sort out this problem.

Since we didn't pay our dues and weren't proactive in the situation, it's
not as cut and dry as one originally would think. We have emails warning us
that we were going to lose the ability to control the MeetUp group and we
ignored them.

But know that I am actively working on it and am in communication with
MeetUp. And, more importantly, let's focus on rebuilding our thriving
community. I also have access to 3,772 Pythonistas from my own MeetUp (The
Silicon Valley Python MeetUp). We've cross posted to BayPIGgies before for
quite a while. So, there is a common user base between the groups.

Our next meeting in less than two weeks already has 120 going and 44 on the
wait list -- more than than room capacity until we know what room we get at
LinkedIn. We could easily completely fill the Neon Carrot meeting room past

Thank you for sharing your sentiment today, Dan. It was very helpful.



On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 1:12 AM, Dan Bikle <dan at bot4.us> wrote:

> I think any effort spent on Suresh is wasted effort.
> I dealt with Suresh during the past few days and I learned that
> communication with him is a waste of time.
> I'd prefer members to focus on making SVP-Meetup better.
> Eventually barprigies will die on the vine.
> Suresh refers to his members as APEs.
> I doubt APEs will continue paying Suresh.
> I like Bill's idea of getting the old userlist but I wonder about the
> details associated with getting them joined to SVP-Meetup.
> I can see some reasons why meetup.com might be reluctant to give that
> list to Bill.
> Perhaps the way forward is to 'Get the word out'.
> Through that action perhaps SVP-Meetup will have a large, active community.
> -Dan Bikle
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