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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sun Jan 17 14:27:14 EST 2016

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Stephen <spmcinerney at hotmail.com> wrote:

> For Jun, do we want to do a PyCon 2016 video watching? (Sat Jun 11/18)
> This wouldn't take up the fourth-Thursday talk slot, we found 4-8 hours
> on a Saturday
> seemed to be preferred best. Glen's suggestion on format was that we vote
> in advance
> (SurveyMonkey) on which videos people most wanted
> to watch, then make a schedule.
> People can split into separate groups to watch different
> videos/discuss/hack/chat.

You know I love these ideas :) They are things that I did through my own
MeetUp years ago. I love the format of taking the best PyCon videos and
sharing them with the group. As you pointed out, it doesn't really work for
the BayPIGgies fourth-Thursday slots - so, not a typical BayPIGgies thing.

But, not to fret -- I am going to PyCon this year and I'd be happy to do
the same thing again. It was always fun for me to have a big "Saturday
movie fest" with Pizza and chilling out watching the best talks and

If we get +1s, I volunteer to find venue (free, wifi, allows us bringing
> food/pizza in, near Caltrain).
> (I previously found an awesome corporate venue in Sunnnyvale for this back
> in 2013 but the
> event didn't happen, and that particular venue is no longer available.
> But I know of
> some others.)
> Any +1's to a PyCon 2016 video watching on Jun 11 or 18?

I hate to block such a good idea -- cuz it's one I obviously support :)

But, my personal vote is:


BayPIGgies has been through enough upheaval lately. Let's get back to our
consistent routine of 4th-thursdays and back on track.

HOWEVER, if you and I want to throw a party on those days (Jun 11 or 18)
outside of BayPIGgies and then invite all of those from BayPIGgies, then
everyone would be invited. And, it would be fun.

If possible, can we take that conversation off-list? You and I can chat and
come up with some goodness. I know the Silicon Vally Python MeetUp group
would happily sponsor the event. I can even get a big sponsorship for Pizza


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