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Any mistakes are my own and are genuine errors.


Unfortunately, there has been a lot of confusion about this MeetUp. I would
like to clarify a couple of points and also explain the reimbursements for
membership fees process.

The BAyPIGgies group has been around since about 2001.

It's main communication is an email list [url=mailto:baypiggies at python.org]
baypiggies at python.org[/url]. It is a place where, many times, I have seen a
newbie ask a question and it was answered directly by Guido van Rossum, the
creator of the Python Language.

When I was getting too busy to help organize the group, I built and donated
this MeetUp (http://www.MeetUp.com/BayPIGgies) to the group. It is a great
tool, but did not replace the mailing list and community. Our governance
and communication happens on the baypiggies at python.org list (

There was also a lot of confusion about the next group organizers as the
previous organizers were stepping down. Around 15-December, we had not paid
our MeetUp dues and we lost control of the MeetUp.

We, for example, did not approve charging membership dues and did not
intend to do so.

We have regained control of the MeetUp group but do not have access to any
funds that have been collected. However, we have not yet spoken to Suresh
about it.

Regardless, we have corporate sponsorship of reimbursements for some of
those who have mistakenly paid membership dues and want their money back
The refund donation was given by the RockIt Recruiting firm (
http://www.rockitrecruiting.com/). To claim your refund, please send
documentation of your payment to Glen Jarvis (glen at glenjarvis.com).

RockIT gave this statement:

As a proponent of networking, technology, transparency, and the Silicon
Valley startup community, RockIT Recruiting would like to do our part to
support the BayPIGgies community.

We heard that some members mistakenly joined the now-named Bay PRIGgies
meetup group and were charged a membership fee.  RockIT is offering $500*
to reimburse those who mistakenly joined the group but were trying to join
the original BayPIGgies community.

*If the full amount isn't claimed for reimbursement, we will donate the
remainder for beer/food at the next Bay PIGgies Meetup event.
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