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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Wed Jan 20 01:48:48 EST 2016

On Jan 19, 2016 7:29 PM, "Martin Falatic" <martin at falatic.com> wrote:
> Great work! :-)
> What happened to subscription monies people paid when it went rogue?

The money goes to the organizer's account. We weren't the organizers at the
time, so we don't have access or visibility into that money.

Also, we were far from blameless in this matter. We weren't on top of our
membership dues. We didn't communicate as well as we could when it came to
our future direction. We (I) didn't consider the MeetUp would be considered
such an important tool for our group. We didn't, for example, turn off the
message list and board (initially) and direct everyone here. (I'd like
return to this  discussion in a few months -- after things settle down).

There was a lot of confusion. For example, if someone joined the MeetUp
(and not BAyPIGgies) during this time, was happy paying the dues, and wants
to be part of Suresh's new group, surely Suresh's new group can keep that
membership fee.

Also, we don't know how much money was spent on things like reserving a
place at Hacker Dojo for the events that were held there.

My main focus is to be sure those who want it can get a reimbursement.

> Did any of that transfer back or is it gone?

All that I can tell you is we have no way of knowing without opening a
dialogue with Suresh. We have no direct access to his account that was made

> I pinged Meetup yesterday about getting my money
> back in case this didn't get resolved successfully.

I am not certain, but I believe you had a "no refund" agreement/message
when you donated.

>  I'm aware of RockIT's offer, but if we or the proper
> group here gets the money back it'll be a bonus.

I don't know what we would do with it (except refund it). All of our needs,
like meeting space are met through direct donations.


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