[Baypiggies] Proposal: Sublist for meeting organizing

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Thu Jan 21 00:21:41 EST 2016

Thanks for sending this, Jeff!

I would like to make a small note.


> reconstitute the BayPiggies monthly meetings
> and get a new set of active organizers.

I personally don't feel there is a "reconstitution" -- in my opinion, its
just business as normal. We normally meet the fourth Thursdays of every
month except for November and December due to the holidays. I remember when
we would poll the group and vote what we wanted to do on those months
(usually rearrange to another Thursday). Before the drama, I saw a note
that we were skipping the meetings in November and December this year.

In my opinion, we wouldn't need to "reconstitute" anything unless we missed
our January meeting (coming up soon). (But, I admit we cut it a little fine
;) Regardless, this is a small semantic point.

You rock for running with this and finding out how the group feels about
another list for organizers. It's clear that we have a lot of new people
who want to help and we want to give them the tools to do so.

Also, I want to thank you for stepping up and being the organizer for
anything to do with our February talk. Please assign any tasks to me if you
need help with anything.

I'm always amazed at the community at PyCon and local groups like this. To
borrow from opensource.com, I think we embody: "Transparency,
participation, and collaboration: The distinguishing principles of open
source." Those are principles I believe in.

Cheers all,

On Jan 20, 2016 8:26 PM, "Jeff Fischer" <jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> As you know, Glen Jarvis has taken the initiative to reconstitute the
> BayPiggies monthly meetings and get a new set of active organizers. There
> has been an informal discussion happening on a private email thread to line
> up the next set of meetings and match responsibilities to volunteers.
> Currently, there are 9 participants in the thread.
> This approach is getting a little unwieldy, so we were thinking of
> creating a separate mailing list (e.g. baypiggies-organizers at python.org).
> This list would be available to anyone and the archives would be public.
> The reasons for a separate list are:
>    1. The people on the list are self-identifying as active volunteers
>    and can be pressed into service as needed :-)
>    2. Keep some of the detailed organizing traffic (revolving mostly
>    around the monthly meetings in Mountain View) off the main list
> The potential downside would be that it could splinter the group somewhat
> or cause people to miss out on calls for volunteers. The alternative is to
> have this organizational chatter directly in the main list.
> If you feel strongly for a sub-list, please reply and vote +1. if you feel
> strongly against a sub-list, please reply and vote -1. Thank you for your
> input!
> Regards,
> Jeff Fischer
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