[Baypiggies] [Organizers] How volunteers / organizers can communicate as a team

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Jan 30 20:21:03 EST 2016

Organizers, we have done a great job! I am sure there are things that we
could have done to make our January meeting even better. So, I want to have
a retrospective meeting (for those interested).

But, first, we need to finalize our communication method. The BAyPIGgies
group as a whole have agreed the best way for the volunteers to have
discussion is in the main list (baypiggies at python.org). However, to
designate that this is a volunteer/organizer thread, we will use the
subject line "Organizers".

This is a trick that has been used for years when email was the main way of
communicating. Email filters can be used to take a certain action when the
subject line has this pattern (i.e., some people may not be interested in
reading the organizers thread and can filter it without reading it).

So, for example, If I wanted to send an email with subject "We need an
'honest broker' for the list of organizers," the email subject should
actually look like this:

[Baypiggies][Organizers] We need an "honest broker" for the list of

In summary,

1) The email should be sent to baypiggies at python.org
2) The email subject should start with "[Baypiggies][Organizers] "

I have been emailing/communicating with each of you individually. So, this
may seem strange. The reason that we want to do this is so that all of the
communication is in the same location (and archived). This can help future
generations and our own group historians from the future find whatever
information that they need. As this is our only real "official" line of
communication, having all of us communicating here cuts down on a lot of

If you haven't yet signed-up for the "baypiggies at python.org" list, it's
very easy to do. Go to this link:


Fill out a few fields and click "subscribe"

I will also send this email to each of you so you can learn how to
communicate with us in this same place.

I want to thank you again for your effort. It seems like it was a great
success on all fronts. Our host, LinkedIn, was so organized and on top of
it. The room was good. The food was good. We had 110 people show up and a
lot of exciting discussion. None of this could be possible without your

Let me re-iterate what I said in my introduction:

Do you need to be a world famous programmer to....
... help us find the meeting room?
... stand by the door / let in those late comers?
... introduce speakers from the front of the room?
... help us find speakers?
... be a co-organizer?

No. In fact, you don't have to even be a famous programmer.. Nor, even a
programmer yet. You want to be part of the community and want to
contribute, we thank you for your help. We want to help you become a better
programmer...  and we appreciate the help along the way.

Kindest Regards,

Glen Jarvis
P.S. BAyPIGgies vetrans. Please be gentle and nice with our volunteers (and
each other). Some have been in the community a long time. Some are brand
new to the group and are still learning.
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