[Baypiggies] [Organizers][Org List] We need an "honest broker" for the list of organizers

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Jan 30 20:33:18 EST 2016

Could one or two of you step up to be an "honest broker" for keeping track
of the list of organizers?

Since we don't have a different email list for organizers (it is all in the
main thread so the conversation is transparent and centralized), it is not
obvious who is currently willing to be a volunteer and who isn't.

What does an "honest broker" mean? Here is an explanation from "producing
open source software" by Karl Fogel (ISBN: 0-596-00759-0):

On page 92, there is a section titled "When Consensus Cannot be Reached,
Vote."  An "honest broker" is defined there (although for a different

> Inevitably, some debates just won't reach a consensus. When all
> other means of breaking a deadlock fail, the solution is to vote.
> But, before a vote can be taken, there must be a clear set of
> choices on the ballot. Here, again, the normal process of
> technical discussion blends serendipitously with the
> project's decision-making procedures. The kinds of questions
> that come to a vote often involve complex, multifaceted issues.
> In any such complex discussion, there are usually one or two
> people playing the role of honest broker: Posting periodic
> summaries of the various arguments and keeping track of where
> the core points of disagreement (and agreement) lie. These
> summaries help everyone measure how much progress has
> been made, and remind everyone of what issues remain to be
> addressed. Those same summaries can serve as prototypes for
> a ballot sheet, should a vote become necessary. If the honest
> brokers have been doing their jobs well, they will be able to
> credibly call for a vote when the time comes, and the group
> will be willing to use a ballot sheet based on their summary of
> the issues. The brokers themselves may be participants in the
> debate; it is not necessary for them to remain above the fray,
> as long as they can understand and fairly represent others'
> views, and not let their partisan sentiments prevent them from
> summarizing the state of the debate in a neutral fashion.

What would an "honest broker" do for this list?

They would keep track of who on the list says "I can't be a volunteer
right, can you remove me?"  or someone who says "I have some free time, may
I volunteer?"

The "honest broker" would periodically post the summary of volunteers on
the list like I am going to do below. If we use this subject prefix, then
we can easily find the last update: "[Baypiggies][Organizers][Org List] ."
Other updates may be who wants to change email addresses listed, etc.

If you want to be removed from this list (I may have added some meeting
space only volunteers by mistake), please respond to this thread and we'll
update. Here is the list as I know it (I don't have Paula's email address).
I sorted by last name alphabetically:

James Abel <j at abel.co>

Blythe Cairnes <blytherocks at gmail.com>

Jeff Fischer <jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com>

Mo Gillies <mogillies at gmail.com> [Classes on Thursdays]

Matt Hite <lists at beatmixed.com>

Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com>

Brian Jones <caneridge at gmail.com>

Paula Kash

Guy Klages <guy.klages at gmail.com> [Speaker trainer / preview volunteer]

Sarah K. <xxxxxx at gmail.com>

Ralf Pieper <ralferix at gmail.com>

Grant Ridder <shortdudey123 at gmail.com>

Vyas Sathya <vyas.sathya at gmail.com>

Tom Tang <t8tang at gmail.com>

Vicky Tuite <vtuite at yahoo.com>
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