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Fri Jul 1 21:14:00 EDT 2016

Forwarding as a request from Grace Law.


Allow me to give everyone who has submitted talks a shout out!  The
quantity and quality of talks were amazing!  Go Python Devs in the Bay Area!

I am also grateful for our conference committee’s dedication, working all
weekend and well pass 3a during the week to narrow down our selection.

A full list of speakers and abstracts will be released soon as we wait for
speakers to reconfirm.  Meanwhile, I am *thrilled* to announce that *Simon
Willison <http://lanyrd.com/profile/simonw/>,* Co-creator of Django and *Andrew
Godwin <https://www.aeracode.org/>, *Django core developer, known for Django
’s migration and channels systems will be speaking to us.   This is just a

Please follow us on twitter <https://twitter.com/py_bay> to see who else
will be speaking in the coming days and pass on the news to other Django

Tickets are available on www.pybay.com and please consider exhibiting at
our job fair / software tools expo

Will I see you there?

And please help me acknowledge Simeon Franklin, Kavya Joshi, Daniel
Mizyrycki, Matt Olsen, Chuck Chan, Sushma, Gahl Levy and Paul Starrett in
my conference committee, YOU ROCK!

Grace Law
PyBay Conference Chair and SF Python Organizer
415-323-0388 / grace at pybay.com

Follow us on twitter at @py_bay
Subscribe for email updates at www.pybay.com
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