[Baypiggies] We hit a milestone! 1002

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Wed Jul 27 00:32:53 EDT 2016

As some of us may remember, we hit a bit of a kerfuffle in
December/January. We lost control of our MeetUp group. We use that group to
help advertise BAyPIGgies to the world.

When we lost control, money was charged and members who didn't pay (which
is most of us including me) were lost/not part of the group any more.

Well, we have gained control of that group in January again and have been
rebuilding from zero members.

We no w have hit the 1,000 mark!!!!:

*1 new member* joined your Meetup Group!
You now have *1002 members!* Nice work!

This couldn't have been done without you as members, Jeff, and all of the

Kudos to everyone for such a great milestone.  :)

Glen Jarvis
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