[Baypiggies] PyBay (and a free ticket)

Carlos Fernandez carlos at yo.tv
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I plan to attend. I live nearby, so if someone needs a place to crash and doesn't mind a dog (a super friendly lab) in the house I can offer a bed.
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Hey All -

I hope you aren't getting tired of hearing about PyBay - the upcoming mini-PyCon in San Francisco Aug 19 & 20th. Check out www.pybay.com<http://www.pybay.com> if you haven't already.

If you'd like to see an annual Python conference in San Francisco please buy a ticket and support us this year! We have an awesome lineup of speakers and if the first conference is a success we feel confident we can more easily locate corporate sponsors and affordable spaces for successive years.

You could also help by spreading the word - I'm buying an extra ticket myself and donating it to whoever helps out the most on Twitter - see https://twitter.com/simeonfranklin/status/759039784119521281 for the details and please retweet.

I hope to see you there!

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