[Baypiggies] Thoughts on the commercial talks at BayPiggies meetings?

Jeff Fischer jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 14:36:32 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,
 As you may know, I have been helping Glen with hosting the BayPiggies
talks this year. In planning the speakers for the rest of the year, we ran
into some questions about what kinds of talks people want to see.

 Since Python is part of a larger Open Source ecosystem, most talks focus
on how to use various Python-based open source libraries to achieve
something useful. For example, Dan's talk last month incorporated NumPy,
Pandas, and Scikit-learn. Other talks may be about commercial products
built around an Open Source offering (e.g. a past talk on Ansible
<https://www.ansible.com/> and an upcoming talk on RockStor

So, what about purely commercial offerings? If you have to pay to use an
API, are you still interested? What about APIs to pay-to-use web services
(say, the Boto API to Amazon's Web Services)? Should we focus on Open
Source or cast our net wider? Where should we draw the line? Does it depend
on the specific topic or speaker? Whether the API is available to
individuals or just corporations?

Personally, I am somewhat conflicted: I think we should welcome all kinds
of speakers, but I would not want to see us degenerate into another meetup
that is just pitches from Product Managers.

Your thoughts on this are much appreciated! I am writing this with a
specific situation in mind, but I would like to establish some more general

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