[Baypiggies] [ADMIN] Not Sexism to Us All... (was Thoughts on Commercial Talks)

Blythe Cairnes blytherocks at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 12:32:34 EDT 2016

As another woman, lady, female, etc. I feel that this conversation got
completely derailed for no particular reason, and I am not offended in any
way, shape or form by any verbiage that has been posted.

IMHO, this group has never used language that has offended me, and I am a
part of this group because of the level of mutual respect that has always
been offered, and also I'd like to keep to the topic at hand... Python.

Aahz, I completely respect your feelings, and I'm not trying to invalidate
your opinion. I feel that maybe a personal message may have been more
appropriate than calling out someone on an entire mailing list, as the
thoughts that you articulate as offensive were not consistent with the rest
of the conversation at hand.

This is all I will say on the matter, and I will not engage in any further
discussion or argument. Rock on, fellow Python friends, I hope you all have
a great weekend!

Kind Regards,
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