[Baypiggies] Licenses [Was: Images in Tkinter, help before I go nuts]

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Wed Mar 23 03:48:52 EDT 2016

On 2016-03-22 23:45 -0700, Martin Falatic wrote:

> I have to ask (it'd also be educational for the others on the list I
> think): what license is the license for this code based on? It's sort
> of like ZPL, but the only direct match was from one of your other code
> repos so is it your own custom license variation? How compatible is
> your license with other licenses commonly used in Python, like Apache
> or MIT? (It appears to be GPL-friendly as well, but I am not a
> lawyer.)

Interesting question.

Yes, ZPL was the base; I have only added an extra clause to it.  I have
not considered interaction with licenses other than GPL, I confess.  And
for GPL, I am very sure that it is compatible (as sure as a NAL can be):
ZPL occurs on the list of compatible licenses produced by FSF, and the
extra clause does not restrict combined works in any way, apart from the
requirement that applies to _all_ uses.

I made this choice years ago after thinking seriously of what I really
want to achieve with the license.  I am very much a "cathedral" person
and my goal is first and foremost to keep control of the project,
preventing a contributor or even a "community" of contributors taking it
into a direction that I disagree with.  Which actually had happened with
some of my earlier GPL code.

hth, and I promise to make my latest baby more usable with docs and tools.

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