[Baypiggies] Thoughts on the commercial talks at BayPiggies meetings?

Jeff Fischer jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 12:32:00 EDT 2016

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on your interest in commercial talks.
I appreciate your insightful comments! Here is my attempt to summarize the

*Commercial Talks at BayPiggies*
Since Python is part of a larger Open Source ecosystem, many talks focus on
how to use various Python-based open source libraries to achieve something
useful. We are also interested in how people are using Python, even in
closed source environments, if they are in an interesting problem space,
solving some unique challenges, or in other ways providing helpful
technical content relevant beyond a specific product. Talks about using
Python APIs to major commercial web services are also welcome, particularly
if individual developers can easily experiment with the services and some
technical insight into the APIs/services is provided.

People are coming to these meetings on their personal time and are looking
for help in their day-to-day jobs, career growth, or personal enrichment.
As such, purely commercial talks given by someone in sales or product
management are generally not appropriate for BayPiggies. For grey areas, we
will raise the talk subject on the BayPiggies mailing list to gauge the
level of interest.

Let me know if you have any suggested edits. If this works for everyone, I
will use this as a guideline when interacting with potential speakers.
There's a specific talk I have in mind - I can show this to the proposed
speakers and ask them how they will fit in with our guidelines.

 - Jeff
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