[Baypiggies] Exploring Google APIs with Python... again

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Wed Oct 5 13:20:06 EDT 2016

In case you missed my Google APIs talk
<http://meetup.com/BAyPIGgies/events/228209050> and attempted live demos
complete with hecklers -- you know who you are ;-) -- 6 weeks ago, I'm
doing a reprise and variation in a few weeks up in the city for the SF
Python Meetup's project night <http://meetup.com/sfpython/events/230247313>,
held *at* the Google SF office (easily walkable from BART or
Lyftable/Uberable/bikable from CalTrain).

Not only will I be doing (err, attempting) the live demos (again), but it
being project night means that I'll be helping *you* code afterwards during
the hands-on hack portion. There are other speakers and projects too, so
hope you can come join us. Only ~160 (half the size of a normal meetup)
will be allowed since our office space isn't *that* big, so RSVP as soon as
you know you can make it.

If several team members from you company are attending, please consider and
ask for funding from your manager to help sponsor dinner/snacks and get a
corporate table in exchange! Ping me or Grace for more details.

Oh and of course, don't forget to bring your laptops and Python editors!


"A computer never does what you want... only what you tell it."
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