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Hi Anna,

I did a couple of interviews like this. None resulted in an offer, but 
maybe that's just me - I tend to do better with take-homes, and actually 
prefer the ones that are 2-3 days because it gives me time to sleep on 
the problem and revisit/revise.

The nice thing about a trial day is that it gives you an idea of what 
the work environment is like - do people look you in the eye? Are they 
friendly? Is it noisy? etc. Sometimes when you just visit for a formal 
interview, they keep you in conference rooms all day, and you don't even 
see where you'd be sitting if you joined. A great example - I 
interviewed at a food science company, and had not considered that 
because it's an open office, adjacent to the food labs, in addition to 
lots of noise, there are smells wafting through the space all day!

I agree that it feels like it should be remunerated, especially in the 
case where they don't hire you. Even an honorarium would be nice - I try 
to view it as, they're usually feeding me lunch, and I usually learn 
something. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it would be useful or I 
wasn't really interested in the job.

Good luck with your interviews!


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So, this company I interviewed with wants to set up an 8 hour "trial day".
Has anyone had one of these? What's your experience? And are they usually
paid or unpaid? They haven't mentioned either way yet and I'm curious to
get some your input before I go further with it.

Thanks in advance. Feel free to email me offlist.

Samantha G. Zeitlin, PhD

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