[Baypiggies] http://baypiggies.net/job-listings is down

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sun Feb 5 18:54:52 EST 2017

Bill and Jeff,

I just noticed the jobs-listing part of BayPIGgies.net is down. This may be
from the re-structuring on Pelican.

David Choi was asking me if we allowed job posting from employers looking
to hire Data Engineers. I was going to include the link to the
/job-listings in my reply - and that's how I noticed it was down.

We refer to this link in our mailman info page:


*Before posting any job ad to the list, make sure to read the policy
at http://baypiggies.net/job-listings <http://baypiggies.net/job-listings>;
this page may also be used to post job ads on the baypiggies.net
<http://baypiggies.net> website.*
I've carbon copied the baypiggies at python.org list so that everyone was
aware that we are aware it's down.  But, we can resolve this "offline" so
we don't spam everyone's inbox.

Do you need me to do anything? Let me know.


Glen Jarvis
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