[Baypiggies] Upcoming talks and a call for speakers at BayPiggies

Jeff Fischer jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 12:39:50 EST 2017

Hi everyone,
BayPiggies got off to a great 2017 with our January talk. We have two
exciting talks coming up:

   - February 23 - Melanie Goetz, a Senior Data Scientist at Clover Health,
   will give a talk on Python and Data Science
   - March 23 - Alex Martelli will give a talk on Testing in Layers

Once I have abstracts, I will pass them on to the list.

As Glen mentioned at the last meeting, we are attempting to schedule the
talks to follow a quarterly cycle:

   - Month 1 (January, April, July, October) - Beginner-focused talk
   - Month 2 (February, May, August, November) - Data science talk
   - Month 3 (March, June, September, December) - Experienced developer
   talk or a "world famous" speaker

If one month is not interesting for you, hopefully the next month in the
cycle will be your cup of tea. For speakers, we will try to slot you in
based on this schedule.

We are planning a few multi-talk nights for the upcoming year. For these,
we'd like to recruit multiple speakers for 30 minute (or so) talks. This is
a great opportunity if you are new to public speaking or would like to talk
about something more experimental. Please contact us if you might like to
talk at one of these events. Thanks!

*April 27 - Annual PyCon preview*
If you have an accepted talk at PyCon 2017, we'd love to have you speak. We
will also have some time for lightning talks.

*May 25 - Data Science Night*
We would like to have multiple talks about data science topics. We have one
speaker lined up, and would like one or two more.

*July or October - Documentation Night*
If you have a talk related to Python and Documentation, we would love to
have you speak. We have a talk on Sphinx and a short talk on Pelican
scheduled. If you would like to give a talk, here's some ideas:

   - In-code documentation: doc-strings and comments
   - Navigating the Python documentation
   - Documenting your module on PyPi and Github

Jeff and Glen
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