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Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at freebsd.org
Wed Feb 15 23:47:30 EST 2017


I agree with everything Shannon wrote.  I will add a few of the sources of
information that I follow these days:

   - http://pyvideo.org and Youtube have a lot of good videos.  Look for
   all videos coming from PyCon.  They are amazing
   - there are some nice podcasts:
      - https://pythonbytes.fm/
      - https://www.podcastinit.com/
      - https://talkpython.fm/
   - Sometimes I find interesting articles on http://reddit.com/r/python ,
   but not always

Python is used in so many different domains these days, so it is quite easy
to be overloaded with information.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 8:18 PM, Shannon -jj Behrens <jjinux at gmail.com>

> The best thing that I know of is to go to a lot of meetups and skim
> through all the most interesting talks from PyCon. Do that for a few years,
> in addition to using it daily, and you'll be set. Also, attending some of
> Raymond Hettinger's talks and courses is a good approach.
> On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 8:14 PM C. Lewis <clewis222 at me.com> wrote:
>> Is there a forum for discussing good sources of information or maybe even
>> tutorials for intermediate or advanced Python programmers? Books even?
>> Thanks!
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