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Dr. Sridevi Pudipeddi, an experienced Python instructor is teaching a
course titled, “Python Programming through Projects” for anyone aged 12+.
You do not need prior programming experience to take this course. You can
learn more about the course at http://essentialeducation.co/course/1/

Course description:

Python is a popular programming language. In many educational institutions,
Python is taught as the first programming language. It is a general-purpose
programming language with a rich syntax and structure. You can learn to use
Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity relative to
programming with other languages. It is also a versatile language that can
be used to develop web applications, scientific computing, image
processing, data science and much more.

In this one week course that meets 9-5 PM from Monday July 24th - Friday
July 28th, 2017,  you will learn the basics of Python with in-class
activities and 4  different projects. Students will have access to class
material and class videos. They will be able to interact with fellow class
mates using a collaborative platform. All these will be accessible for a
year from the start of the course. More importantly, you will learn Python
through projects, which ensures that you learn and remember the language.
Anybody who is at least 12 years can take this course.

Use coupon code ptp100 to get $100 off - only 20 coupons are available.
Hurry up and register and pay now by visiting

Instructor's LinkedIn profile -

Ravi Chityala
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