[Baypiggies] FYI Only: I will pay $89.94 for MeetUp on 28-Jul

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Jul 15 14:02:46 EDT 2017

This is FYI only and not a request for money. I want to be transparent that
the MeetUp website that we use to get a lot of people to our meetings has a
charge. I will soon be charged $89.94 for the next six months of service.
According to the website:

   - Your next payment of $89.94 for a 6 month Unlimited plan will be
   charged on Jul 28, 2017.

I am super happy to pay this -- I find the service invaluable for
BAyPIGgies. I only wish to be transparent about the process (And, I've been
too lazy to apply for any kind of re-imbursement from the Python Software

Kindest Regards,

Glen Jarvis
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