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Fri Jul 21 13:29:24 EDT 2017

Like last year, the PyBay Conference in San Francisco will be having a set
of pre-conference workshops on August 10 and 11, just 3 weeks away. These
are half-day and full-day sessions in which expert instructors will give
you in-depth, hands-on instruction on specific topics. The workshop
descriptions <http://www.pybay.com/pre-conference-workshops/> are now up on
the PyBay website.

Tickets <http://www.pybay.com/registration#tickets> are $150 for half-day
workshops and $250 to $275 for full-day workshops. Buy now to reserve your
spot! Usually, workshops like this run $500 to $1500, so you are getting a

I'm particularly hoping to see some of you at my hands-on IoT workshop

Here's a summary of all the workshops:

*Half-day Workshops*
MicroPython IoT Hackathon
*Instructors:* Jeff Fischer, Daniel Mizyrycki, and Robert Queenin
Want to learn more about the Internet of Things and hardware? This IoT
Hackathon is an expanded version of the super popular tutorial offered at
SF Python’s Project Night. We will guide you through a basic light sensor
system and then form teams to work on more open-ended projects. You will
get to keep your hardware!

Python libraries for Machine Learning and Deep Learning
*Instructor:* Francesco Mosconi
Get your feet wet with Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Python using
Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Keras and Tensorflow.

Intro to Python Metaprogramming
*Instructor:* Luciano Ramalho
Special methods are called to handle your objects in a variety of contexts
- operator overloading, protocols, and object oriented programming. This
workshop uses TDD (Test Driven Design) to present and solve a series of
problems that can be elegantly solved with special methods.

Modern concurrency in Python
*Instructor:* Luciano Ramalho
This workshop will give a high-level overview of tools like
multiprocessing, concurrent.futures, the new async and await keywords, and
the asyncio library - all of which enable higher performance and
nonblocking operation. Attendees will work through simple yet practical
examples of their use.

*Full-day Workshops*
Computer science crash course, for Python hackers
*Instructor:* Ozan Onay <http://www.pybay.com/speaker/ozan-onay/>
This workshop will be a whirlwind tour through a number of computer science
topics, designed for Python hackers who may not have had an opportunity to
study CS formally. We'll cover some computer architecture, algorithms and
data structures, compilers and networking, in each case peeling back some
of the layers of abstraction that you may be accustomed to working with day
to day. We will combine challenge-based exercises and clear explanations in
what's certain to be an entertaining and eye-opening workshop.

*Surprise Topic*
Instructor: Raymond Hettinger
Always a riveting and insightful teacher, Raymond has promised an
especially compelling workshop on a surprise topic. Stay tuned for more
details...But you might want to book this now before it fills up.

Introduction to Tensorflow
*Instructor:* Ravi Chityala <http://www.pybay.com/speaker/ravi-chityala/>
TensorFlow is a popular Python module that has made programming machine and
deep learning fun and efficient. In this workshop, we will start with
TensorFlow philosophy, graph based processing, its data types and some
operations. We will then build simple examples to understand how TensorFlow
graphs and operations work. We will then discuss a few machine and deep
learning algorithms and write the corresponding Tensorflow code. There will
be plenty of hands-on activities. If you are already a Pythonista, then by
taking this workshop you will be on your way to becoming a Tensorista.
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