[Baypiggies] PyBay Scholarships Drive - what, why, how and deadline

Grace Law grace at pybay.com
Thu Jul 27 21:15:16 EDT 2017

Hi Pythonista,

Since the most frequently asked question the last 7 days is along the lines
of getting reduced or free tickets to PyBay <https://pybay.com/>, I'd like
to remind everyone that the deadline to apply for scholarships
PyBay is Friday, that's tomorrow!  That's right, you get to go for free.

I'd also like to highlight the two companies that have stepped up to be of
service to the community by providing these scholarships.  What Sauce Labs does
and what they do for the community is highlighted on our blog
please send them some social media love!   InfoScout
<http://www.infoscout.co/> is another company that has offered scholarships
- we are still waiting for their verbiage to be added to our site/blog.

To encourage more people/companies to participate in our drive to increase
diversity and help contributors to attend PyBay, I've created a new ticket
type called donation <http://www.pybay.com/registration#tickets>.  All
proceeds there will go to fund eligible scholarships applicants.  In
addition, you no longer need to be a sponsor to get community visibility
and directly contribute to diversity in tech.  This means whether you have
$1800, $6,000 or somewhere in between to spare, you'll get a ton of
community love, recognition at our site, blog, at PyBay, and oh sooo much
gratitude from the recipients.  Write to Chris at scholarships at pybay.com
and he will get you set up!

PyBay is in two weeks!  Get moving! :)  Get your passes
<http://www.pybay.com/registration#tickets>while they last!

Oh, and the deadline to vote for T-shirt design is tonight!   It's neck and
neck btw the 2 designs - if you are on Twitter, go here
<https://twitter.com/py_bay/status/890274110483255297> to vote.  If you are
on Facebook, click here


PyBay Chair

Grace Law

PyBay Conference Chair and SF Python Organizer

415-323-0388 / grace at pybay.com

Follow us on twitter at @py_bay

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