[Baypiggies] SF Python Hosting PSF PyCon Startup Row Event

Don Sheu dinaldo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 12:37:28 EST 2017

For the third year, SF Python is hosting PyCon's Startup Row event. RSVP
using  tito.io

On 3/8, we'll select Bay Area's representative on Startup Row. In 2011, Van
Lindberg  then PyCon chair launched Startup Row
<https://us.pycon.org/2017/events/startup_row/> with Y Combinator to
feature selected early-stage startups for free in the expo hall. Some
companies presenting the first year included Solomon Hykes presented
Dotcloud that pivoted to become Docker, Andrew Godwin presented Orchard,
and Wes McKinney presented Lambda Foundry.

Startup Row companies are engineer-founded startups. Our alumni success at
exits beats Y Combinator's portfolio by more than 2x.

Alumni like Nylas and OfferUp sponsor Pycon.

*Judging for the event* on Wednesday are Lisa Dusseault founder of Cathy
Labs, Jessica Scorpio founder of Getarounds, Christine Spang founder of
Nylas, and Bebe Chueh CMO of Legalzoom.

Event will open with Eli Uriegas lead maintainer of Sanic will open with a
talk about how his framework uses async. SF Python organizers ask we
use ticketing
partner tito.io
to avoid delays and help them plan better.

Presenting companies:

   - Ledger (stealth) – Ledger helps friends split bills.

   - FloydHub (https://www.floydhub.com/) – FloydHub is building a
   platform-as-a-service for training and deploying deep learning models in
   the cloud.

   - Relimetrics (http://relimetrics.com/) – Relimetrics combines machine
   learning, computer vision and structural engineering expertise to automate
   reliability and QA testing in manufacturing.

   - UnifyID (https://unify.id/) – UnifyID combines implicit authentication
   with machine learning to uniquely identify users based on novel biometric

   - FOSSA (http://fossa.io/) – FOSSA is a service that helps companies
   monitor compliance with open source software licenses.

   - Deepgram (https://www.deepgram.com/) – Deepgram develops and deploys a
   deep learning-powered speech search engine.

Don Sheu
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My Python user group convenes every month 2nd Wednesdays

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