[Baypiggies] Need a contract developer with experience compiling/embedding/debugging Python.

Paul Knopf pknopf at medxchange.com
Tue May 2 20:39:50 EDT 2017

I need to hire a contract developer that can help my development team solve
a Python error on our embedded Linux environment.

What I currently have:

   - Yocto image with a simple Qt application embedded that utilizes
   - Simple script to run the root file-system in a qemu emulator (using
   - PyOtherSide compiled/linked/baked into the embedded distro.

What is happening:

   - At runtime, I get the following error: Fatal Python error:
   PyThreadState_Get: no current thread

What I need:

   - Boot the image using qemu, use gdb to find and fix the issue.

Let me know if any developer is interested with this.

Paul Knopf
Software Engineer
Med X Change, Inc
pknopf at medxchange.com
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