[Baypiggies] This Month's BayPiggies Talks: Data Science Night

Jeff Fischer jeffrey.fischer at gmail.com
Thu May 4 19:24:13 EDT 2017

We have two exciting talks scheduled for our quarterly Data Science Night -
one by Jacques Kvam and one by Deepthi Mothindra.

*When:* Thursday May 25, 7 pm - 9 pm


LinkedIn, Yosemite Room
605 W. Maude Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

*RSVP:* https://www.meetup.com/BAyPIGgies/events/236246606/

*The Bowtie Dashboard Framework*
*Speaker:* Jacques Kvam
Creating useful visualizations is an important skill for data scientists.
They allow us to gain new insights into our data. Dashboards are powerful
tools for creating complex and interactive visualizations. You can explore
data in ways static charts cannot. Bowtie is a Python library that makes it
easy to create dashboards. This talk will introduce Bowtie and focus on
creating dashboards and interesting features. I will also discuss deploying
them, the tech stack, and future work and goals.

*Speaker Bio*
Jacques Kvam is a Data Scientist at Verdigris Technologies, an energy
analytics startup. He worked at Sandia National Labs as a staff R&D
engineer. He studied signal processing and communications at UW-Madison.

*Classifying Images using Convolutional Neural Networks*
*Speaker: *Deepthi Mothindra
The CIFAR-10 dataset consists of 60000 32x32 colour images in 10 classes,
with 6000 images per class. This talk elaborates on how to build the
convolutional neural network to classify the images into one of the 10

*Speaker Bio*
Deepthi Mohindra is a Quantitative Analyst passionate about exploring data
and extracting insights that help drive meaningful impact. Huge fan of
Datakind, Udacity and Women Who code communities.
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