[Baypiggies] Santa Clara Adult Education Summer Class: Project-Based Python Programming

Dan Bikle bikle101 at gmail.com
Mon May 15 21:20:06 EDT 2017

Hello Prospective Students,

I invite you to my Python class this summer.

The class is a combination of classroom instruction and online

Project-Based Python Programming

Classroom instruction (and Lab) is provided on Mondays 7pm to 10pm

The Classroom/Lab is in the Santa Clara Adult Education campus:
1840 Benton St 95050, Near San Tomas and El Camino.

Then online collaboration happens during other days of the week when you
have time.

The first class starts on June 5.
The last class meets on August 7.

The cost is $329 (about $33 / week), much lower than the cost of a
boot-camp or university extension class.

The class has been completed once in the past and evaluations have been

You will find a signup link at the URL below:


If you have questions contact me, Dan Bikle, the instructor:

bikle101 at gmail.com
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