[Baypiggies] SimpleLegal is hiring (preferably senior) Python/Django devs in Mountain View (soon San Jose)

Nik Kantar nik at nkantar.com
Thu May 25 13:17:13 EDT 2017

Hello, fellow BAyPIGgies!

(If sending this to the list is for some reason inappropriate, please let
me know. The closest I found to any official guidelines was this snapshot
of the old site from 2016-09-01:

*Who we are*

We're a small SaaS company currently located in Mountain View, but with our
sights set on some San Jose office space (near CalTrain). We recently
raised a successful Series A round and are looking to expand our team
pretty aggressively. There are 25 of us at the company, 6 in Engineering,
and we'd like to bring on 5–6 more as soon as possible, and another 10 or
so within a year.

*What we do*

I explain our main application as "an accounting platform for corporate
attorneys"—it's project (matter) and spend management for in-house counsel.
As an enterprise-focused company, we don't have many users in, say,
Facebook's sense of "many", but we get to maintain a pretty close
relationship with all of them. While our users are few, they depend on our
service rather heavily, as their entire job revolves around the data we
help them manage, and so they tend to spend significant time in the

*What we run*

Our two applications are written in Django (currently 1.8, looking to
migrate to 1.11 soon, running on Python 2 (though hopefully not for too
long)). We also make use of PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, S3, and AWS
Lambda. We deploy to Heroku and run Docker for local development, and those
are subject to change as our needs evolve.

Said applications talk to each other via APIs written in Django Rest
Framework, and some external consumers use them as well. We're also working
with contractors on an Outlook plugin and iOS app. We want to make both
applications even more API oriented, possibly implementing something like
React to consume them and bring more order to our Bootstrap/jQuery frontend.

*Who we're looking for*

We need some experienced Python/Django devs more than anything.

Ideally, we'd like someone with 3+ years of Django experience, familiar
with jQuery, and comfortable with a large and growing codebase. Bonus
points for war stories about major refactorings/rewrites.

However, we're also open to less experienced as well as more
frontend-oriented folks.

*What you'd do*

You'd write production application code (and tests (and documentation))! We
deploy multiple times per week (or day), and ship new features and bugfixes
constantly. We try to strike a healthy balance between adding new things,
fixing old things, and refactoring even older things.

*If you're interested*

You have a few options:

   1. ask me for more information (on-list or off-);
   2. email me saying you're interested (preferably with some info about
   you, your resume, portfolio, site, blog, GitHub profile, etc.);
   3. check out https://www.simplelegal.com/careers and fill out one of the
   (rather short) applications (in which case it'd be great if you noted where
   you heard about the job).

See you tonight!

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