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Nik Kantar nik at nkantar.com
Thu May 25 22:33:00 EDT 2017

Ahoy, fellow BAyPIGgies!

This past weekend was PyCon 2017, and I presume I'm not the only one who

As per the advice of numerous veterans, I skipped nearly all the talks and
spent almost all my time in hallways and open spaces, mingling with other
Pythonistas. However, now that I'm back in Reality™, it's time to watch
some of the many fantastic talks I missed, and who better to ask for
recommendations than my favorite subset of the wonderful Python community?

Since I did actually attend a few talks, I do have two recommendations.

*Jake VanderPlas: The Unexpected Effectiveness of Python in Science*

Jake's (opening) keynote was eye opening to me as someone who hasn't really
even dipped his toes into data science. Sure, science has always been cool
in my eyes, and space is pretty awesome, but I never did anything more than
consume the occasional neat article.

*Katy Huff: Do It For Science*

Katy's (2nd on day 2) keynote was far more inspiring than I expected any
talk to be. She showed some examples of the positive impact Python has had
on science and then listed project after project after project with
numerous open issues. She really drove home the point of how much impact
those of us with programming chops could have if we choose to invest our
time into this. I'll be taking her up on this challenge shortly.

What were your favorite talks? (Yes, it totally counts if you just watched
them online!)

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