[Baypiggies] [Conference] North Bay Python's CFP closes September 29

Christopher Neugebauer chrisjrn at chrisjrn.com
Mon Sep 18 23:25:37 EDT 2017

Hi there!

I'd like to tell you about North Bay Python, a brand-new Python
conference that's happening in Downtown Petaluma over the weekend of
December 2nd and 3rd.


First up, we're looking for people to present at the conference. We're
looking to build a diverse lineup of presenters from all around the
Bay Area and further afield, covering lots of topics that are useful
to Python developers -- professionals, students, and enthusiasts

We also welcome new and less experienced speakers to present alongside
old hands. If you've never proposed a talk to a conference, we want to
help you. Every Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 3pm we run open
feedback sessions on our IRC channel (irc.freenode.net#nbpy), where
you can drop in and ask for help on your topics, or help refining your

Talk submissions close on Friday September 29. You can find all the
details at northbaypython.org/proposals


Secondly, we're looking for sponsors. If your company or employer uses
Python, we'd love to have a chat to see how we can work together:
packages start at $2000. Details are at


If you're interested in coming along to the conference, we don't have
tickets on sale just yet, but we'll be announcing them both on our
Twitter (twitter.com/northbaypython) and Facebook
(facebook.com/northbaypython) pages.

You can also sign up for our low-volume newsletter at
northbaypython.org, where we'll announce all the details of how you
can attend the conference.

Thanks, and I can't wait to see your proposals!

--Christopher Neugebauer
Chair, North Bay Python

--Christopher Neugebauer

Jabber: chrisjrn at gmail.com -- IRC: chrisjrn on irc.freenode.net --
WWW: http://chrisjrn.com -- Twitter: @chrisjrn

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